Tuesday, 15 April 2014

April 15, 2014. Day 9. Into Balladonia to wait for back-up?

Last gear change for the 8th day, & the rear derailleur cable lets go.... I've got over 1000km out of it, I've pushed it hard, it had one frayed strand a week before I left Sydney, so I'm happy with its service... I'm carrying 2 spares, so I'm well prepared for this. 
Camp set, dinner served, too dark to worry about now.. It'll be first order of business for day 9. 

Cable repaired, decamped & on the road by 7.30. All good. Happy smiles. :-)

I've had an uneventful ride through to Balladonia. More " undulations" have kept the average speed at 30km/h on the flats, a light wind change gas it blowing on over my left shoulder. No complaints. 

I received a cordial invite to have morning tea with Rhonda, Brian, Sandy & John in the  "Graff-Inn", a well appointed mobile home (converted bus). A yarn over coffee 'n cake.. (a typical touring cyclist's fare).. & a morning well spent. 

My support crew, of my sister and her friend, arrived around 4pm local time. They want to support me from here  through to Ceduna,

It could be quite comfortable , wild camping over the next few days .. big tent, fresh food, company on the road. My sis wants to cycle some of the Nullabor as well, not the full distance like her stupid Big Bro though, lol

Tonight's dinner of pumpkin soup n chicken stir fry is a "little" bit better (Lot Better ) than the dehydrated fare of late lol. 

Should be a good few days ahead!!