Saturday, 19 April 2014

April 17, 2014. Day 11. Caiguna to 50km W of Madura.

This morning has started early, bright & cool. It looks like a nice days ride coming up. The breeze has drifted and is coming from the North, it's going to be a headwind Captain, off the Port Bow. 

My, the weather is changing! 7am and the fog has rolled in from the north west ! That was quick. We could see it rolling in to meet us. 
We'll let it clear through breakfast, then get the day under way. 

1st road sign out of Caiguna warns of unfenced roads ... and loose wildlife for 350km. At this point it's only me and the crow on the sign enjoying the day's start.

2km east of Caiguna is the start of the Central Australian Time Zone... There goes 45mins of the day...move clocks forward. 

45km from Caiguna, I had to stop and enjoy the isolation. The same view in every direction. 

MAGIC! is an understatement 

No traffic, no people, just me & the breeze. 

Cocklebiddy Roadhouse for morning tea,  after battling the headwind for the last 30km, is a welcome stop. Iced coffee & finger bun, calorific refuel. ;-) ready for another run. 

The track to the Eyre Bird Observatory is 35km of "4WD only" dirt 'n gravel. 
Not really a track to tackle in the RV. 

At 3pm, with 115km in the legs, and after yesterday's 194km, it was time to have an early day. With still another 50km to Madura, a campsite beckoned. 

Breakky anyone?
Ready for day 12.