Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day 20. Ceduna

My plan for today is "do nothin'". 
To actually sleep in, well, 'til 8am anyway lol. 
To have a full day to restock the pantry, grab a "vandal proof tap handle" for those taps at garages, parks, show grounds with no handle. Gotta have water !!  

Complete RV maintenance, one broken spoke, left hand wheel again.. the one that's dropping off the road when there's heavy traffic (Road trains)... poor wheel cops a beating at times. :-(
This time I've got all day to true the wheel... plenty of coffee too, so I should get it pretty well spot on.....

...... All maintenance complete. I must've got it right..there's blood lol. ;-)
.......Pantry restocked. 
.......hey, things fit better this time!
.......all electrics charged. The poor old solar panel has been vibrated to death. It served its purpose. U get what u pay for. I'm ok with that. 

Tomorrow starts week 3... Farewell Ceduna.