Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day 14. Eucla Rest Day.

2 weeks travelling, today is my second rest day. 
Morning view of The Southern Ocean...

& being Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny found us ...

Domestic duties call.. clean out the muck, sweat...and some tears. 
Get the laundry happening. 
Give the Rotovelo a bit of TLC, to get it ready for the run to Ceduna. 
One broken spoke, lube the chain, check all nuts & bolts. Check tyre wear & pressure. Recharge lights, phone, iPod. 

Arvo swim in the Motel's ice cool pool!! Brrrr. I'm not kidding, even though it's 35deg, the pool was ice cold. INVIGOURATING!! :-)

A refreshing ale at the Hotel, then dinner & an amazing sunset. 

I'm pretty sure we're ready for the next week's adventure.  :-)