Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 18. Penong to Ceduna.

The end of the Nullabor. 

A later sunrise, sort of, as the fog this morning is very thick.... 

& it's decidedly cooler as well... 8deg hmm chilly ;-)

Fog = no wind = crap visibility...  Cold is nothing to worry about..10mins cycling will sort that out. 

Maybe I'm getting tired, or it's the fog, but this morning it's tough to get pedalling...trying to get the lung - leg coordination happening :-/

15km out from Penong, the skies are clear, hmm a slight nor'wester that's cleared the fog is becoming a headwind. 

To quote a friend," What the Nullabor giveth, the Nullabor taketh away" again!!

A panoramic view of Velo Heaven. 35km W of Ceduna. Rolling hills, with a Sou'easter ... cranking out the cogs, 'n belting along at 33km/h.. into a stiff headwind MAGNIFICENT!!

Ceduna!! 'nuf said!!

Gobsmacked at Crossing the Nullabor. 
Norseman - Ceduna.  

Yep. That's it for a couple of days. 

Sunset at the Pier. :-)

Time for a Long Weekend break for both the RV & me. Grease 'n oil change, dismantle 'n reassemble. 
And a massage might be nice too.