Tuesday, 15 April 2014

April 14, 2014. Day 8. Norseman to 50km west of Balladonia.

Someone should register these bloody emus!!

All started out as a great days riding... 'til 40km from Norseman. Oh look Mum!!, there's an emu running beside us on our left!!
That was coo...l 'til it decided to cross the damn road 10 meters in front of a Rotovelo doing 30km/h!! 

#%}>!! @&€#!! @$/%!! Insert favourite piece of colourful language !!!

BOOM! CRASH! Close eyes..SWERVE!! SKID!! SLIDE!! Open eyes.. 1/2ROLL!  SWERVE! Yell!!...DUCK!! Etc., 


Damn stupid animal!! 

I think it barrell-rolled over the nose of the RV. Collected the roof & rolled again as it hit the road behind me!!

All the while time had slooowed ... 

Fortunately no other vehicles were within Cooee of us !!

"Cue Underwear Change!!" LOL

Adrenalin Overload !!  I'm alive!! 

So's the bloody emu, I saw the damn thing headed for the scrub!!  & thought that's where both the RV & I were going to end up...upside down in the table drain !! 

Just as well the RV is plastic! It copped a massive dent to the nose cone & left front, a dent in the front above my legs, & flattened the windscreen into my face!

BLOODY HELL!!  I'm not dead!! 

Thoughts of this, being how my trip ends crossed my mind.......

Not bad after bush panel beating..

Once I'd calmed down, evaluated that the damage is superficial, no structural impact made. A few hefty kicks and foot pushing from inside the RV had me mobile in just over 1/2 hour. I continued on very wary of EVERYTHING!!

The next 45km were back to daily ride mode, :-) thankfully,  slow grinds up the rises & enjoyable 5k runs of undulations ... keeping my speed strictly under control ...just in case some other type of fauna tried to commit murder/suicide under the wheels of the RV. ;-)

A nice, well maintained, rest area 25km west of Fraser Range Station made for a pleasant lunch stop. Table/chairs, 'n  long drop dunnies. (These accoutrements are the norm at the better rest stops. ... most are just a drive in area with a couple of bins)

After 110km, & still feeling good in body & mind,(doubtful by some..lol) Fraser Range Station was a nice arvo tea stop .. icecream 'n flavoured milk.. comfort stop 'n water top-up..

Feeling overall pretty good, 'n the nice head-"breeze" ( not strong enough for  head-"wind") keeping me cool & refreshed, I decided to crack on for a while yet. 

50km more made up 160km today, (100 miles in the old money) or an "Imperial Century" in cycle-speak. 

Tonight exclusive campsite....

Will probably be invaded by the grey nomads...
Let's see....??