Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 22. 15k W Minnipa to 35k W Kimba.

Today's forecast hot (32deg) & windy (read..gales)..

An awesome dawn...

Red sky in the morning ... cyclist take warning lol

The gale force winds were up just as early this morning. Packed & on the road by 7.30am, winds from left rear...good!!
'Til I made a left bend in the road :-(

Bloody Rotovelo feels like a kite in gale force winds, shunted across the road, by what feels like a meter, but is in fact maybe 20-30cms. Frightening if it happens at, barrelling along at 50km/h, when an unseen gust gives me a shove to the right ... best to stick to the middle of the lane... that way I've got road to use on my right..& a bit of road on the left when over correcting the shunt. :-/ 
I rolled into Minnipa at 8.40am. The whole place was still closed, nothing for it but to oil the chain, 'n press on..

5km from Wudinna the road. & winds aligned so I was able to belt along at a good 45km/h.  
Excellent!  No swerving or shunting. Great!

Wudinna was in full business @ 10am. 
Grabbed a few groceries at Foodland, & a filling morning tea from the bakery next door. Coffee 'n cake... the staple diet of a Velonaut !!  ;-)

On to Kyancutta, a mere 14km up the road. By now the winds were still tailing me, but the temperature had easily hit 30 degrees...damn it's hot!

With another 88km before reaching Kimba (the town that's said to be Half Way Across Australia) I thought it might be prudent to have a full compliment of water on board ... especially as it's so hot 
Purchasing 3Litres topped me up 

2x 6lL water bags 
2x 750ml bidons & 
1x 2L bottle... 
15.5L = full water supply. :-)
I can't have too much. 

What had been a tailwind was about to become that gale force crosswind as I made the left turn on the Eyre Hwy to Kimba. 
Damn the wind sucks !!! & the bloody flies are ALL on the leeward side.... out of the bloody wind .. of course. 

A quick costume adjustment ...

Gotta luv the fly-net !! 

SOOO fashionable!! PMSL 

But it keeps the little bastsrds outta ya face!

Oh, did I mention there's a sandstorm blowing through too...all the freshly ploughed paddocks are losing their topsoil.... visibility is down to 300 meters in some places. 
It's too damned hot, 'n I couldn't be bothered taking any pics. :-/

3pm. Afternoon tea time. Damn it! I NEED a coffee !!

Soldiering on with the winds, I lasted only one more hour.  :-(


125km. Bush camp. 

Yet another well chosen site... dinner done 'n dusted... lying in the un-flyed tent, counting stars, & satellites. How good is this!

Flash! Flash! in the distance... hmm might be a storm... forecast at Kyancutta was for a weather change with some rain. 

Begrudgingly I closed off tonight's light show...good move Marky D. 
No sooner did I get the tent fly pegged & secured, when the first drops of rain fell.

Fall they did... all night...steady light rain 'till 6am.